Friday, May 22, 2009

So Excited! Praise God!!!

We have officially raised enough money for Luogon to go to school next year!!! We received a donation today that topped it up and I am SO SO thankful to everyone who helped towards this goal!

Next up $300 to pay his rent. We need to get this money together by July. It is a big work but I believe God is faithful and able...

and so does this guy!

My letter to Luogon today.

Blessings to you Luogon!

We are rejoicing today for our Son/Brother in Africa! Today Luogon my Mom said to say hello and gave us the last of the money that we needed to get you into school! Praise God Luogon because he knows you and cares for you! He is moving the hearts of many for you and your friends in Africa! I wish I could give you a huge hug! I feel like we have achieved a victory!

But don't stop praying! We are now going to raise money for your rent. Our goal is to pay for one room. Pray that God provides for more than that! Tell the young men you are with to flood the gates of heaven! We may be far away but God has given us a love for you and the young men you are with. Pray Boys! Continue to read the bible together and PRAISE GOD! Sing with loud voices! We are singing too and our songs will fall on God's ears together!

Make plans Boys! Give all that you can to those around you, your needs will be met! Serve as Jesus served and we will do the same!

Little Emma is praying for you Luogon. She wants to meet you. She wants to see her brother in Liberia. She has hope for you and so do I!

We love you!

Mom Sarena

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