Monday, May 04, 2009

An e-mail from Luogon

I am so excited that Luogon is able to e-mail me. This is however very costly for him so please pray that God will continue to provide so that we can stay in touch.

Here is an e-mail that I received from him.

Hello mom . I just want to take this time to extend my thank and appreacation to you .Iam willing to work but it is not easy here in Liberia for me to get a job at this age.Here in Liberia you get a job if you are in colage or have a paper that you are out of hight school.I still have two years to get out of hight school and now I don't have a ducament to carry to any prenticeship for work. The Bible studies is progressing .I has been looking for ROOM and all the room I form cast TEN US DALLORS PAIR MONTH. which means a year will cast ONE HUNDREN US D. I love you mom .my time is out GOOD BYE.YOU SON IN LIBERIA LUOGON WIEBE

The first time Luogon wrote and called me Mom, I wept. I have learned that this is something fairly common there, they seem to call any women who show them love Mom. I can understand when you've been without one all of your life. He also refers to himself as Luogon Wiebe when he writes to us. There was a time that he asked us to adopt him. It was very hard to tell him no and I'm sure he was broken hearted.

I love this boy!

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