Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well it's nothing too exciting but I've decided that I'd better work my rear off to lose as much weight as I can and get as healthy as I can before I get pregnant again :) Seeing as I never know how long that will be, but judging by last time, I've got to get going! So yesterday began my boot camp, and I mean boot camp people! I have a five circuit work out and at this rate I'll be happy if I'm good enough shape to just finish it one day... far, far away! Also another biggy is diet. So I'm attempting to avoid refined sugars and flours and whatever else they have managed to refine :) I am off of dairy for Travis and have discovered that I like rice milk and am looking forward to making almond milk today. So in an attempt to hold myself accountable, I'm going to post everything I'm eating, honestly. Here goes. (did I mention there would be eye candy?)

Monday April 20th 201 pounds (oh yes I'm posting my weight, it's really not a big deal, people know I'm fat, hiding the numbers won't change it ;)

1 cup steamed asparagus
1 whole wheat tortilla
1 cup rice milk
Scrambled eggs with squash mix ( I cook butternut squash, carrots, onion and yam in chicken broth and puree, then I use it for mixing into eggs, in place of cheese in quasadillas and for pasta sauce)

1 Banana

1 cup brown rice
Stir fry with coconut milk ( coconut milk, a little soy sauce, garlic and corn starch)
Egg/soy sauce noodles (whisk some eggs together with soy sauce to flavor and then fry like a crepe on a griddle or in a pan, flip and then roll up and cut into strips like noodles)
Ephrim is in love with his little brother Travis

Homemade granola with rice milk
1/4 of a cantelope
2 small squares of organic chocolate

2 tortillas
Salad with apple cider vinagrette
1/2 cup chicken
6 small taters (this was an indulgence, but I'm fine with it)
"Can you take a picture of me mom?" "Sure but you have to make it look like you're actually doing something"

2 small apples in slices
3 tablespoons Adam's natural peanut butter

Total calories (estimated) 2217!

eek! The thing that really got me was the peanut butter. Over 300 calories! But I'm wondering, if the majority of these calories (say 90%) are from very healthy sources, and lets say I only ate until I was full and spent parts of the day hungry, should I really be aiming for less calories? No I dont' think so.

Oh Travis, poor baby.
What I noticed yesterday. I wanted sugar. So I ate protein. It really helpped. Also I would drink water when I felt hungry (most people confuse thirst with hunger) if the hunger came back after that I knew I was hungry and would have a snack. When I'm watching what I eat I usually make the mistake of being careful with meals but not with snacks. I'm really happy with my snacking yesterday!
Emma is the other mom in these parts

My goal for today is to dig out my exercise ball and fill it up. Then find my weights. I'm not using them today though, it's a cardio day. So I'm going to aim for 2 miles of walking aerobics. Me and Leslie are friends again. Oh and I also have to care for my 5 children and home. PRAY FOR ME!

Yes we got a wii, I don't really want to talk about that, anyway how sad it is when a 1 year old knows how to turn on the TV and the wii and then stands below the basket containing the wii controllers saying "Moe Moe Moe!" (more)Said 1 year oldI love sunshine at supper time! It means that spring has sprung!Travis has a shortage of neck, see? All the skin for a neck is there under his chin, but the rest is missing.

The chub is starting to form!Yummy smoochie baby lips!


Ruth said...

You are more than a conqueror!!

And P.S. that pic of Emma in the sun is incredible! Its a framer!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Big goal, but YAY!! Awesome!! Your children are beautiful.

Princess said...

You and your children never cease to amaze me!

Praying for you

Jenny said...

Way to go Sirena!!
I'm off refined sugar and white flour as well. The sugar has been tough,but I'm doing it. Lemon water has helped out tremdously. I have been snacking on almonds and make sure you eat avacadoes!! They are awesome for you.
Let me know if you wanna meet at Ferry Island one of these days!
I have been substituting my pb for almond butter. Love it.(although it looks like runny baby poop!!LOL)
Praying for you!!

Jenny said...

I forgot to mention....LOVE the pics of the kids!

Gwen said...

This is a great post! The picture of Joe crying is like the ultimate crying baby stock photo. Good one.

You can do it! I'm assuming you're nursing, so you sure don't want to cut the calories too far back. Give it lots of time and lots of discipline, and you will be a lean, mean, lovin' machine. Don't give up, be encouraged! :)