Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Wiebe Preview

No Jen I'm not in Labor... sorry to get your hopes up. I got some new ultrasound pictures of the babe today so I thought it would be fun to post all of the ones that I have. There are a lot of pictures for this baby.
This is a picture of Baby Wiebe at 13 weeks gestation. The head is the blob on the right and the body is the blog on the left. You can actually see some facial detail, to think that they don't consider this a baby?!

22 weeks. For some reason I like looking at ultrasound pictures when the head is on the left. What a nice little face :)

22 weeks. This is a shot of the bottom of Baby Wiebe's feet. I love baby feet, although they don't look as kissable in utero.

Another profile shot from 22 weeks. I love these glimpses of a baby. I am always trying to think of who's ultrasound they looked like.

These next two pictures are from today. 41 weeks. Things are a little more squishie in there. Okay I really think that all of my babies ultrasound pictures look similar. Dalen thinks I'm silly when I say that one ultrasound looks like another.

For fun I'm going to also give you ultrasound pictures from the other kids. You may be thinking that I just did this recently. You're right, I did a year ago. After Joe was born.

A little Ephrim Peanut

An Adon PeanutA Joe Peanut
And I can't find an Emma Peanut on the computer. I'm also way too lazy to walk up 15 stairs to get the hard copy our of her baby book, which also only has a handful of pages with anything written on it. She should feel good, I haven't even written in Ephrim and Joe's yet :)


joni said...

aww .. such sweet little peanuts..

haha my mom really only got through two baby books, mine and my older sisters .. and much less in mine.

no worries.. i took out extra things in her book that weren't in her first curl.

Mrs. Wilson said...

Boo!! Oh well, s/he can't stay in there forever, right?!