Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where I'm at.

Well I'm going to give you all a baby update. Don't get too excited!

I am now six days overdue. Yesterday I ended up at the hospital as the baby's heart rate was irregular at my check up. Everything ended up fine. I've never had to worry about the well being of my baby before and it was a new experience, I definitely felt peace and was pretty sure there wasn't really anything to worry about. I am thankful that it all worked out, obviously, but I appreciate women who deal with these things all the more.

Up until tonight there wasn't really anything labor related happening. Yesterday I was 1.5 cm. dilated. Not too exciting. But around dinner time tonight I started getting frequent braxton hicks contractions. I have had very little of these at all this pregnancy. Now I'm getting them every 8-15 minutes. They don't hurt but they are squeezing pretty good and I am now looking forward to my check up tomorrow to see if they will have done anything. I'm trying not to get too excited as it could still be many days before this baby makes an appearance but it's good to feel like my body is finally doing something!

I just realized that I don't have any pregnant pictures from this baby and I need to get one taken! Hopefully one of my wonderful photographically inclined friends will drop by tomorrow?

Emma's birthday is on Friday! She is going to be SIX! AHHHHH! I'm very excited and hoping that her party will go off without a hitch. It is very low key so even if I am in labor it should be okay. Just the grandma's and auntie and two friends for lunch and then the girls will spend the afternoon crafting/scrap booking.

Well that's it for now. We have been very low key here. We've taken the week off of school and are just hanging out living life together and I'm enjoying it tremendously! Hopefully my next post will be telling you that I'm in labor!


Mrs. Wilson said...

I get a little adrenaline rush every time I see that you've posted. Here's to hoping that the next time you post you'll either be in active labor or have a little baby!

starla said...

the cousins are on alert mode and their mom even called yesterday before she went to town to make sure nothing was happening. I think I should come over today and do your floors?