Saturday, February 14, 2009

Introducing Mr. SuperFantastic

In case you haven't met him yet... I'm married to a super hero.
He can do anything I need him to. And that's pretty much not stretching the truth. He's a plumber, electritian, carpenter, cabinet maker, mechanic and a computer tech. What he doesn't know he figures out or finds someone who does. Our whole house is his handy work. Not to mention some pretty cute kids too! He balances me very very well. So this morning I was not suprised when I fould this on the floor waiting for me. I was very pleased though :)Last week I put the below picture on our desktop as a hint
What a good husband I have. I've really been wanting a bench for the kids in the bathroom that is nice to look at instead of those nastsy plastic rubbermaid ones I've picked up at garage sales. He will be staining this one to match our stairs that he is currently building. After that I'm hoping for a matching towel rack for the downstairs bathroom.

The kids and I will be making Dalen his favorite cookies in heart shape today and then we will be delivering valentines to all of our friends.

Now I have to go figure out which chicken is eating my eggs... bad little chicken.


Mrs. Wilson said...

He does sound pretty wonderful!!

Hope you find the BAD chicken :)

Christy said...

Wow! That is pretty impressive! Way to go Mr.Superfantastic!!!