Friday, February 27, 2009


We have company today. Starla and I are trading babysitting. Some people think I'm nuts for taking on more children. What they don't know is that it makes my day SO much easier. My children are busy all day long and I only have to deal with the occasional squabble. It gives me freedom to accomplish things uninterrupted. And it's pretty hillarious. You really get to see who your children are when they are with their peers. You can also see things that need work, later, when the peers are gone :)

Joe and I made noodles for lunch today. We'll cook these in some beef broth from last nights supper and enjoy some grapes and orange slices. I'm very excited about making my own pasta. Once I've done it a little more I'll share some about it. Playmobil. Ever wonder what to get my kids? This is it. And Lego. See the guy in the bottom right corner. They lost his hair. He's bulb. He has no hair. Apparently bulb people have less rights than normal hairy headed people. No one wants to play with the bulb people. I get what bulb man is feeling.

The set up.
They have a cage for catching a bad dinosaur. Apparently it was doubling as a person cage. This is one family of 32 people, including the bulb guy. I was informed that because there were so many children that the kids who were being naughty had to go in the cage. I then enforced law over "32 person family land" saying "The people will only go in the cage if they do really really bad things and if your playmobil people are doing really really bad things then we'll put them away"
"Can we put the bulb people in the cage?"

On a side note, literally, check out the comment the Ruth left me. It's in my side blog.

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Mrs. Wilson said...

I LOVE playmobile!! And I totally agree that having more kids IS easier!!