Friday, February 13, 2009

the exciting thing.

Okay it might not be exciting for everyone. But if you know me or care at all about me it will be, because you want me to be happy. Right?! :)


Oh yeah!

Here they are in the back of the van. I loved them the moment I saw them.

We got them home and they dug in... they do have heads, in case you were wondering. There was actually a chicken that lived without a head for a long time.

This is Adon in front of the coop. I'll take more pictures of the inside of the coop later... and what's that in Adon's hand?

AN EGG! These are the best chickens in the world. So far.

Such good little Ladies. I'm going to be one of those wierd people who considers her chickens a part of the family. You know the kind. Just wait until we build a coop and I get Turkeys. It may be scarey ;)
No this is not my coop. And technically they aren't just my chickens. We are sharing them with our neighbors who have blessed us and let us use the coop they already had. I am SO thankful for them, and my husband who after many years of hating chickens and every word said about chickens gave in and let me get chickens!

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Mrs. Wilson said...

That is exciting! My grandparents always had chickens, so I have a kind of fondness for them.