Saturday, February 28, 2009


I think I'm going to wait for Dalen to get home to start cleaning out the chicken coop. Boy am I tired today. I think there is a quiet time in our future with my rocking chair calling out to me. I really want to move it up into my room in preperation for baby. I wonder how heavy that sucker is? Dalen may spank me if I move it by myself. Hmmm ;) I've rediscovered my embroidery floss and some cross stitch kits I had. Maybe this will be my quiet activity?


Jaclyn said...

Are you cleaning the coop everyday???
Once a month darlin. Thats all. Well you may want to collect eggs more regularly that that :)

Sarena said...

I clean it every week or so. I can't stand to leave it longer than that it gets too gross. We go out and see the chickens multiple times a day. And Eric is out there every morning doing the food and water.

Christy said...

Wow I must be tired...this is what I read "embryoidery floss" instead of "embroidery floss". I thought what the heck is that? hahahahahaa!