Thursday, January 08, 2009


I remembered this poem and wanted to dig it up again.. enjoy.

warm inside, we are with you
yet outside cold, the world is blue
the sun, it cannot make its way
for many clouds have come today
and so it is, I think, with hearts
that freeze with cold, and break apart
with icicles of hurt that form
like bars they keep out love that’s warm
the ice builds up to form a wall
and slowly now that creature falls
frost sets in, deep to the core
love is not found there anymore
yet in these walls there’s no such thing
there’s peace and joy, and voices ring
while blue outside, cold and alone
here in this place, we have a home
Momma Bean


starla said...

did you write this sarena? its beautiful!

Sirena said...

Thanks Star! Yes I did write it a few years ago. I miss writing.

Gwen said...

Beautiful, Sarena. Thanks for sharing.