Saturday, January 10, 2009

Angie Smith

I am a Mom. Aside from Daughter of the King and Wife, it's my title. It fills my day and drives me to my knees more than anything else in my life. What is my greatest fear? The loss of a child.

There are people in this world, gentle, quieter, changed people. With shattered hearts who are slowly allowing their Savior to put the pieces together. They have raw emotions hidden inside broken vessels. They have lived in the darkest places, and been carried by a heavenly father who needed nothing from them, who allowed them to grive and held them up.

Todd and Angie Smith are two of these people. They lost their daughter Audrey a year ago. I have been following her blog "Bring the Rain" for a year now. I have cried a lot with this woman, not because I understand what she feels but because I can imagine it and that is hard enough. Now Angie is letting us inside of the vessel, to see her time with her lamb. To share her joy and grief.

This is a beautiful Godly family and I would encourage you to browse her blog for other entries that she has done like "The Scarlet Cord" and The Glorious Hem

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Jenny said...

I'm a faithful follower as well. I appreciate her honesty, admire her undying faith, and respect her non judgmental attitude. I love the fact that she is open and does not have a "holier than thou" attitude. Something which I cannot stand.