Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Sunday

Sunday mornings are usually pretty good around here.. sometimes a little hectic.. but pretty good. So far this is what my morning has looked like.

Woke up at 9:00, my children really love me lately. Searched for my long john's to wear under my dress. They had gotten pushed out the back of my drawer into the bottom drawer where I keep future presents. Got dressed, decided that the long john's weren't going to work and opted for a slip instead... it's not that cold out and I won't be outside much. Dalen got up and ate breakfast with the kids while I straightened my hair and did my makeup. If it wasn't for the static causing dryness it would be a great hair day. Joe woke up and Dalen gave him a bottle while I finished up.

The kids are all dressed accept for Joe because he can't dress himself. I grabbed bowl of cereal (hopefully I won't pay for it later) and the last orange. Tried to log onto facebook while I watch Adon shovel the deck, he's doing great but he hasnt' hit the part where the snow has fallen off of the roof.

Dalen came down and said "Time to go now" after shaving with Ephrim (he got a play shaving kit for Christmas and just announced that he has a beard now)

I quickly finished my cereal got Joe's clothes and a diaper, Dalen took him and changed him and I packed my bag and we were off.

My husband is a huge help to me. If I wasn't for him Sunday's wouldn't go so good. Now Dalen is going to take Adon and Ephrim to skate on the backyard rink that he made for them while I nurse a sinus headache with a Skor bar and some little house on the prairie until Emma and Joe wake up from their naps... then I'll feed Joe and sew something with Emma... hopefully. That's the plan...

What do your Sunday's look like?

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