Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tag from Christy's Blog - Kid's nicknames

I realize I said I was killing the blog but sometimes you just have to post! Here are the nicknames that we call our kids.

Adon is six and we call him the following - Buddy, Jim-Bob & Turkey
Christy's Nick name for Adon - Adonolioskio
Reuban calls him -Ado Potato

Emma is five and we call her - Miss Emma, Emma Pie, Baby, Princess Emma, Miss Grace and Sally Anne

Christy's nickname for Emma is -Emma Grace Catarina

Ephrim is 2 and we call him- Stinker, Fred Jr. and Turkey

Christy calls him - Ephramiolo

Reuban calls him - Effie (not my favorite) and VRRRROOM!

Joe is going to be six months old in three days! AHHH!!! This is the most recent picture I have of him from two months old. I really would like a new camera!

We call Joe - Stinky and Joe Shmoe, Slim, Joe-Diddely

Christy calls him - Joehinderjeet

Reuban calls him- Buster (That was his inutero name)

Edit- Okay I've decided to add our nicknames as well!

Dalen -Daley (but unless you're Lawrence I wouldn't recommend calling him that), Lover, Lover Duck (That one we stole from Shane and Laura), there are a few other things that I call him but they're between us ;) Dalen's red neck name is Fred.

Me- I've been called a lot of things in my life.. but I'm only going to relive the ones I've enjoyed ;) Shrimp and Beener (my Dad) now there are about four people who call me Been, Tom Lawrence and my parents. My Mom called me Beener Weener and Pookie all as a means to make me roll my eyes at her as I was growing up... when I was 9-12 I would get outright mad if she called me that around my friends... girls.

Ben called me SweeSwee for a while, I loved it so much but everyone made such a big deal about it that he stopped doing it :(

Sue is my redneck name. Chris calls me Sis. I'm not really his sister, but I did get to sit in the family section at his wedding (I was incredibly blessed) and he walked me into the sanctuary and handed me off to my Dad at my wedding. I'll have to scan a picture of that later. I remember him getting mad at me for crying because he was going to cry...

Jaclyn and I went on a road trip when we were 16, our parents let us sleep in the back of her car and drive all over BC for two weeks without any parental supervision... I don't know what they were thinking ;) We made up Alias'. I just can't remember what they were right now, there was something with Rain and one with and sh. Apparently it was deep and life changing. All I remember is that I started smoking again and there was a bear outside our car at one point.. and a lot of dirt roads... and how cool is it that Atlin lake is so HUGE that is has a mountain in the middle of it. I MSN'd Jaclyn and she can't remember either.. at least it's not just me. Oh and I left my wallet at the one hotel we slept in and when we got to the US border we had to turn around to get it and we were just really scared that they would take our smokes from us because we were minors. And Eagle valley... NO EAGLES!

Well that's all I can think of right now... TAG YOU'RE IT!


Jenny said...

I am still laughing at Christy's nickname for Joe...
BTW...who is Reuben?

Jenny said...

I am still laughing at Christy's nickname for Joe...
BTW...who is Reuben?

Sirena said...

Reuban Bond is our youth pastor.

Jenny said...

I thought that perhaps that was your hubby's nickname!

Jaclyn said...

We will remember out alias names when we are 80 years old and cant remember how to tie our shoes. Until then its a mystery!

starla said...

haha! i was wondering the same thing...who is this reuben she keeps mentioning!! um you forgot that I call Joe "little joe". great to see a post from you!!!

starla said...

i tagged you on my blog for a meme, if you feel like it. otherwise you can ignore it.

melissa said...

Wow! You're right! Joe and Judah look like brothers! They have the exact same nose. :) Blessings on your adorable, growing family, friend.