Thursday, August 28, 2008

And so it begins!

I know there are those of you (Joni) who have been preparing for Christmas for a long time already. But my budget was okayed last night and so here is what I ordered this morning. I decided that we need some fun things to look forward to this Christmas. Little House... we love it, we're reading it. Why not?! Again I ask Why not?! This book is filled with devotions and ideas for family fun during the month of December. I LOVE HYMNS! I also really enjoy Mercy Me. I also enjoy that their lead singer's name is Bart Millard! Something to hang on my wall.

We will also be checking out the original Grinch that Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown's Christmas. I would also like to watch the polar express, even though we don't do Santa it would be fun.

So what are you doing this December?


Ruth said...

okay! I love love love little house on the prairie! i just watched those 2 episodes with the kids i babysit! its grand! Your christmas will be awesome! I think we might have some of the festivities at our house this year..i really am excited!

Dawn said...

Not sure...first year without mom. Trying to come up with something cool for the kids. I love how organized you are. I usually think of Christmas the month or two before. Miss you blogging! Glad you are back!!

D-Ann said...

I love everything L. M. Montgomery!!
Decemeber?? Hopefully I will be standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the east coast!

Welcome back to blogging.