Monday, February 04, 2008

The big D

Yep I'm due today. Any signs of a baby coming... not unless you count the big belly. My target date is Valentine's day. Which is only ten days away. Ephrim was ten days overdue and I'm really hoping that I've had this little one by then. If I haven't by then I think that I'll start getting kind of annoyed. Christy was very convinced that I would have him this week. I would love to! The hammock is hanging by the bed and I just lay there and try to imagine someone in it. I still have things that I want to get done before he comes, but no motivation to do them. Deffinately no nesting happening here. I think I've been there and done that. Now I'm just tired and storing up energy.

Well pray for us that this guy makes an entrance soon (10 days is still pretty soon) and that we will all be healthy afterwards. Of all the things I'm hopeful for the delivery one of them is that I don't get a mess of cold sores again like I did with Emma.

I'm hoping to post a belly picture soon. Hopefully tonight.


mrs. wilson said...

Oh I can totally relate to being overdue! I hate it!

Jenny said...

You better get that belly pic taken and posted soon! We don't want to see the deflated belly!LOL