Thursday, January 31, 2008

"...if faith is always as easy as placing all of our trust in something/Someone all the time, then I'm not really sure that is real faith at all. I sit in chairs all the time (going back to that lazy thing), and I can't remember the last time a chair decided it wasn't going to hold me (although with all of this hospital and fast food, I'm becoming more suspicious)...but I don't think that my faith in those chairs is really anything to write home about. If my faith in God is never tested, if my trust that He is always there and always wanting the best for me is always 100%, God might as well be a piece of furniture.

And, up until just recently, maybe that's exactly what my thoughts, words and actions were showing about my God...As I've mentioned a few times, it's not so much that I have incredible's more that I have an incredible God Who has chosen to put me in an incredible situation that only gave me two choices: rely on my own will and strength and stamina, or increase my trust in God. Knowing my own limitations, the choice was pretty simple."

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Chris said...

good post beener! Encouraging!!

Jenny said...

Very encouraging and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!