Friday, October 12, 2007

Cookie Exchange

So Jenny left a comment about having a cookie exchange. I would totally love to do that. It would be so fun! I found this webpage aside from serving alchohol I think this is how I'd do an exchange.... mmmm cookies... oh momma... I already know which ones I'd make, I'll have to get the recipe from my Momma.

So who wants to do a cookie exchange with me?


Charlene said...

I'm in! Tell me when, give me a little notice. That would be great. I didn't check the link though so you may have to tell me the rules of exchange. I have been to one before. SO much fun!

Jenny said...

I'm in. Last year there was 13 of us that participated. Each of us baked 13 dozen of our cookies and then got together and exchanged. The great thing is that there were no duplicates of the cookies. We included the recipes with the cookies. I loved it. The boys especially loved it,because the girls made some great cookies. They didn't last too long in the house!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing this by mail?

dwiebes said...

No we won't be doing it by mail. It'll be local people only. Sorry

joni said...

hahaha by mail .. who said that??..
some student looking for a care package hehe let us know maybe we'll send you a box.

i'm in Sarena.. how many girls you rounding up?