Monday, September 24, 2007

What will it be?

Well tomorrow is the big day. Christy and the kids and I (minus Tristan) will be heading to Kitimat bright and early. In case you don't know what I'm doing there.. I'm getting my ultrasound. I did have one at 13 weeks but its still too early on to check for problem and see what kind of baby you are getting... and in case you didn't know, yes we are finding out. It was kind of a tough decision but I left it up to the family and they all voted a big resounding yes!

So snacks are made, breakfast is ready to be cooked and all I have left to do is fold and put away some laundry and set out clothes for the day tomorrow. I think I'll pack a little bag with extra outfits just in case there are some problems... maybe I'll bring gravol. So what do you think we've been blessed with? A boy or a girl? It will be nice to know if we have to keep trying to find a boy name or not.. I've given up until the tech says, you're getting a boy.

Here's my guess. I think it's a boy. I'll be really suprised if it's a girl, but it wouldn't be a bad suprise ;)

Whatever our new little one is, God already has a plan for them and I keep telling the kids that we need to be happy if it's a boy because God knows what we need the most and he's got a big important plan for this person, who are we to say that God is making the wrong choice?

Anyway my hubby is in from a long cold day of siding and I'm going to fix him up with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket... talk to you tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

I think you're having a girl. You better update ASAP tomorrow!