Friday, September 21, 2007

The harvest is great

And my feet are sore!

Well there has been a lot of food stuff going on here. Sewing is deffinately on the back burner, but Christmas shopping is not. I now have almost all of the kids stuff bought, and thanks to the awesome signing time sale I can give those to the kids at Christmas too.. although it will be hard to wait that long.

So this week I managed to make, 9 pumpkin pies, two empty pie shells, 2 dozen butter tarts (shells made from the pie crust left overs), 8 meal size servings of sweet and sour pork, 6 meal size servings of sweet and sour meat balls and enough sweet and sour sauce left over to do another batch of meat balls. I cooked up a bunch of hamburger that I will freeze to use in spaghetti and sheppard's pie, and about three dozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls (I like to bake them fresh.

I have made four batches of fruit leather and will have to start another batch soon, I got some VERY ripe strawberries today so I will have to clean and puree them tomorrow and I'll freeze them until I'm ready to use them in fruit leather. I have apple/peach, pear, apple/blueberry, apple/raspberry and I want to do apple/strawberry, apple/plum (I need to go pick Laura's plums before the bears come back) and plain old apple. I'm also dehydrating more pineapple and I started dehydrating bananas today.

Next week I want to make a dozen apple pies, start on the fruit leather, more pie crusts, continue dehydrating the bananas and probably make a lot of banana breads, and I also want to make up some raisin molasses cookie dough. Then I think I will be mostly ready for the winter. Oh and alot of apple sauce. I think I still have about 80 pounds of apple left to deal with.

I know that this seems like a lot of stuff and it is, but I just do one thing at a time and it's not that overwhelming, it is tiring. But it's the best kind of tiring there is. And having all these things prepared will make snacking so much more healthy and easy, not to mention cheap.

Okay so I'm trying out home made dishwasher detergent. It's basically baking soda and washing soda. 1 tbsp of each per load and you add vinegar to your little dispencer thingy for water spots (instead of jet dry) from what I've figured it's a lot cheaper and I'm going to also try using the washing soda for household cleaning. It is environmentally friendly and will cost a lot less than normal cleaners. Now I'm excited to try out home made laundry detergent, but I need to use up what I have first.

On a side note.... do any of you (local people) want some garlic? I dont' really have any cold storage and I bought WAY too much when I did all my pickeling. We really don't use that much of it.

Well I think that's all for now. Just letting you know what I've been up to.. I'm really hoping to find our card reader soon so I can start posting some pictures.

Nighty night all!

Next week I want to get the fruit leather started


starla said...

your a machine! way to go! mmmmm, dehydrated bananas, you know what a fan I am of those! LOL!

dwiebes said...

I'm about to tell my secret. I buy everything and package it in my own stuff so it looks home made. HAHA Just kidding... can you imagine! I kinda am like a machine only not the good kind because everytime I do anything it's a battle with my flesh, especially today, I'm very tired from everything yesterday and to top it up I was up WAY too late. So today doing anything, I'm like a robot, but if I stop I crash and there's no getting me going again.