Wednesday, September 05, 2007


So I went to the Doctor today and all is well. He says to me while measuring "Well this belly is starting to grow!" My reply was (in a very less than impressed trying to sound happy tone) "Yeah" In case I haven't mentioned this before, I'm really not excited about getting fatter. I worked my butt off this winter to get the weight off (a good part of it at least) and now it's back and it brought it's friends, and relatives, and their dogs, and their dogs cousins. Needless to say I'm not too excited about getting maternity pictures this time. And my hormones have apparently changed, so I'm not nausious during the day anymore, which is great, I just puke in the morning and I'm good to go... accept that the new hormone balance is causing my face to break out, so not only am I fat(er) I'm also covered in pimples. Yep I'm pretty excited about my new look.

Okay but one thing I am excited about is having another baby. That's the one thing that keeps me from losing my mind when I look in the mirror, or get on the scale. I really will be suprised if this is a girl, so far I'm gaining just like I did with the boys. That and the fact that my husband, for some strange reason (much prayer) is actually excited about this baby! That's an he's crazy in love with me. I think it has something to do with the clean house and clean underwear. That always makes the difference. Now I just need to feel this baby moving around.

It took Dr.Strydom a long time to find the heart beat today. I was starting to feel a litttle unnerved. But he did find it... that baby has managed to stuff itself WAYYY back deep down inside of me. But it was there... with a heart rate of 130. I with I could remember what the others were like.. I think Adon was usually around 140.

Okay so the ultrasound. Well they are super backed up, apparently is just sill how backed up they are. But I should have a date in the next week. And the doctor said that it needs to be in three weeks at the latest, if they can't get me in then apparently I'll be heading to kitimat. That would really suck... so much money in gas for an ultrasound. I guess their ultrasound equipment is alot better but still... I really don't want to spend the money on the gas that it'd take to get there... oh man would I even be tired.

So my fruit is here. Joni's sister went to Vanderhoof to catch the fruit guy that comes up from the Okanagan. I got 120 pounds of apples and 20 pounds of peaches and pears. The peaches are all made into Jam and there is a pot of applesauce that badly needs stirring on the stove right now. I'm using the pear butter that I made last time I did canning and I'm making fruit leather with it... I'm going to use the apple sauce I'm making for pear leather.. I'll probably do 6 big pots of apple sauce.. once I have enough canned for the winter I'll make the rest into fruit leather. Some with blueberries, hopefully blackberries and some with raspberries.. Then I'll make canned pears and apple pie filling. I'm very thankful that the fruit isn't fully ripened, so I have time to do it and don't have to do it all in two days.

well time to get the munchkins to bed.. God Bless you in your night!

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starla said...

have fun with your fruit! i would love to have some canned fruit and some pre-made apple pie filling for the winter....but not sure i'm up to the work of it all right now. hope it goes well for you!