Friday, September 07, 2007


So apparently I need to find some curriculum for Adon to help with composition, I'm assuming that means writing about things. I dont' know what a grade 1 child is expected to write? He can do his name really well... sometimes he gets the d backwards. I'm a little frustrated. I think that it's a bit too much for him. Any thought people? Any homeschoolers reading this that know what would be good for composition at this level? Thanks


Gwen said...

I'm just on my way out the door so I haven't got time for a proper response, but I can tell you a few things!

At the beginning of gr.1, obviously the child isn't going to be writing much except his name and beginning spelling words. But by Christmas he will probably be ready to start with little stories. You should definitely get him writing in a journal each day: he could start by drawing pictures and you writing (verbatim) what he says. Part of grade one is getting things in chronological order: I got up, I got dressed, I ate breakfast, I brushed my teeth. Another part of gr. 1 is having the child learn to put his wild and imaginative ideas into words in his head, and then put those words onto paper to share with the world.

Sorry I haven't got time to answer properly, but those are the first things I thought of!

dwiebes said...

Thanks Gwen.. that's what I've been hearing a lot of and that's deffinately where I'll start. Let me know if you think of more.. I always forget that you homeschool!

Jenny said...

There are composition books in the stores that teach for the child's grade level. I'll look around because I have quite a few that my mom brings the boys.
I'll let you know if I find any.