Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Okay so I poached the halibut in the chicken stock. Next time I'll make the chicken stock stronger. It would have been good with a little lemon juice on it too. I did still like it and all the kids ate theirs. Thank you Tom. I am freezing half of it to do something else with later.. maybe with a cream sauce and rice...mmmmm. Anyway, now I need to start getting ready for camping. Hopefully tomorrow Dalen will pull the trailer closer to the house and empty it for me. I can't move most of the stuff in it because it's too heavy. I Thursday I'll clean the trailer and pack it with whatever doesn't need to be cold. Including clothes, the kids have enough clothes that we can get it all packed up. Everything but bedding. Tomorrow I'll post what I'm going to bring.

Anyway I'm going to have a bath and head to bed early. Tomorrow will be a busy day of baking for the weekend and trying to get as much house work done as possible.

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