Saturday, June 02, 2007

Come one, come all.... and bring money!

HAHA just kidding, well not really, but yeah.

June 10th which is next Sunday. We're going to have a BarBQ in our honour. 5:00 pm-ish. It's Dalen birthday on Tuesday and my birthday on Friday. Since Sunday is the only day that Dalen isn't working on the house we thought we'd have ourselves a little get together, for ourselves... hehe. Bring whatever you fancy. steak, hotdogs, chicken? Have 'ater! The money? Well that's a purely selfish thing (cause giving yourself a birthday party isn't selfish;) If any of you gals out there are wantin' to get me something, I am just asking for money this year. I am really hoping to be able to buy a bosch mixer soon. Your contributions would help get me there. Even if you would only spend 5 bucks at the dollar store. Anyway if that doesn't work no worries, I'm just putting it out there cause I don't really feel like calling everyone and saying "Gimme Money!"

Anyway sorry if you all think I'm incredible self centered. I figure you all know me better than that.


Gwen said...

Oooh... the Bosch universal. It's easily the most used thing in my kitchen, and it's still going strong after 10.5 years! You'll love it!

Happy birthday!

starla said...

looking forward to sunday!