Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tommy Boy

First of all let me say that I am SO STOKED for Tom!!! All of the amazing things that he is doing! Things that we all wish we could do and he's doing them! I would never want him to miss out on all of that stuff. But today for some strange reason, I really miss him and I wanted to write something about him and for him, just in case, by chance, he's missing us too:)

I met Tom at Ruthie’s going away party (she joined Tour of Duty and headed off to Afrika ;) We hung out that night; swapped ICQ#’s and I met up with him the next day at Skeena where he was working. After discovering that his green fleece vest smelled like the horse I had growing up I decided that he would be one of my best friends for life. We spent the rest of the summer together. If we weren’t working we were hanging out! We were best friends (not that we didn’t have other friends) and it never changed. Pulling mainers in big blue singing Aqua, Boomtang Boys and every other classic techno song known to mankind!

Tom taught me how to drive a standard, and he coped very well. I first sprained my ankle at Tom’s how because I was periodically obsessed with wearing my backpack under my vest to I looked pregnant (Good gravy I was a lunatic). There were many late nights watching movies, listening to tunes, singing and talking about life.

The greatest part of my friendship with Tom was exactly that, he was ever only my friend. There are no regrets or bad memories with Tom (except watching Blair Witch, what were you thinking letting me watch that movie!!!)

Late nights at Denny’s overdosing on Coca Cola!
Many an A’la mode!!!!!
Where was I for Y2K? Tom’s!
Crab fests!
Back rubs from bass engines!!!!
Remember when the Cop stopped us and reamed us out cause you had a CD hanging from your rear view. HAHA “It’s a potential hazard, something like that could kill you at high speeds!!” There’s one for Myth busters!
I was always allowed to drive the Golf, Tom was the guy that taught me how to drive a low rider!
The Golf!!! Need I say more?
I remember the time you let Pam drive the Golf (man you must have really liked her) I personally didn’t like it at all. How could you risk the Golf that way? She plowed through the hugest pothole!
The bunk beds… how many people could you fit on those things?!
Your baby blanket!
The green pimp blankets (I know that drove you crazy)

Up until the last year we’ve been there for every major event in our lives! I remember when I first got to lead a worship song, you showed up with a video camera. You were there for my grad ceremony, with adidas sandals.
Every birthday, it never failed that you were there, even when you had to fly home (I’m sure it helped that yours was 3 days later).
And of course every wedding there was not just mine;)
And please lets not forget mine and Dalen’s first hockey game! I was fully convinced that I would remain completely composed; you knew better, I think I may have been the craziest person there!

I miss you Tom!!!

Every time we see a red bug, Adon knows it’s just like Uncle Tom’s. I also have an Uncle named Tom and it never fails that whenever I talk about him the kids automatically assume that I’m talking about you!
We love you Tom!!!

Now there are so many things happening and we’re not with each other to share them. You’ve been gone for what nine months now? I know you’ll be back, and I know it will be just like before, but I can’t help but lament a little this morning as I’m thinking about you. Reading your blog and not even knowing who Jess is and why she was at the Fat Camel with you (I’m guessing the girl in the picture is Jess) We’ve got a lot of catching up to do buddy. She'd better be making plans to move to Canada in the spring.

Oh my goodness I almost forgot Chalky’s!!! Ahhh!!!!! Racing, racking and making a ruckus!!!!
I just keep thinking of things, Dumb and Dumber! Oh there's just too much to write!

We can’t wait for Tom, and Christmas will be a tiny sad because we won’t be seeing you. We love you so much here in the Wiebe house!

God bless you Brotha’!!!!

Okay for those of you why are not Tom please comment with your own memories or send me pictures! Thanks! (I can't get blogger to post anything)


Tommy Boy said...

Thank you SOOOO much Sirena!

You made me cry!! I can't believe how much I miss you guys!! You have brought back so many memories!!

All the things I have forgotten you reminded me, and I have one for you that I can't believe YOU forgot...

The Hypothetical Poo

Need I say more? :D SOOOO FUNNY

Or, do you remember me bending a Fork using only my mind???

Good Times :D

It has been an amazing year for me, being able to travel down here and see and experience the things that I have, but I am also sad that I am missing out on things that are happening back home. All the kids are growing up without me, they're all going to be twice the size they were when I left by the time I get back home!!

Most of all, I'm sad that I missed our birthdays, the Drags, and Christmas with all of you. Those were things that were just never missed and this year, for the first time, they were!

Thanks Sirena, reading your entry meant alot to me, I copied it and saved it on my laptop so I can go back and read it when ever I want to ;)


Tommy Boy

dwiebes said...

I remember them all well! A person really can only reminis so much before they become depressed though. And really a momma can really only take so much time out of a day to blog ;) It was great to talk to you so often this week! See you soon!