Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If only Adon was turning 10!!!

I saw this today and for a moment I wished that Adon was either turning 10 or that Dalen didn't already have a flash drive!
I wish I wasn't as stingy as I am because I LOVE them all and really secretly (or not so secretly) want them all.. I do with they had Princess Liah (sp?) Well off I go to make milkshakes for lunch ;) Lets see how many calories I can rack up!?


Laney said...

wow sirena, I don't check your blog for like 2 days and you update it like crazy :-)... I love getting great deals like the bananas and mushrooms although I never seem to find those kinds of deals on food, usually other things like books/clothes :-)

Anonymous said...

I am loving this new habit of blogging everyday! Keep it up!