Sunday, December 10, 2006

Six years and counting.

Okay so yes it was our anniversary and Christy requested that I share what we did to celebrate! When Dalen got home (with roses and present in arms) we went out to the Barvarian Inn (had a gift certificate) He had a steak and I had cedar plank grilled salmon, it was basically cooked on a slab of fire wood.. it was too funny. Starla I think the mill could really start in a new market ;) Then I had the most amazing double chocolate cheese cake I've ever tasted. I think I would have payed 20.00 for that alone! So after spending 60.00 on dinner (including tip) AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! we went home and watched Superman Returns and Mission Impossible 3. I really like super man. I was sad that they made him a sinful deadbeat dad, but non the less it was really good. MI3 was a stereotypical MI but good none the less. I really liked the fully automated guns that they had in the beginning, they could see through the walls and stuff and non one had to get killed while the were using them... very smart;)

We went to bed at 2:30, got up at 11:44 called Jane to say sorry we were so late, went for breakfast at The Northern (I was still full from dinner) and went to get the kids. Then we got some groceries and came home.

I cooked for the afternoon to get ready for a get-together and the rest is history!

I think it was the funnest, best night that we've ever had!

What did I get you ask? White roses and a butter dish (Joni, Ephrim broke my crock, I cried, it was so aweful!) It really was the sweetest gift Dalen has ever baught me. I was SO sad when my butter dish broke, it was one of those things that you would NEVER buy yourself. So he went and got me one from Gemma's!!!

I also got to order a CD that I've been wanting to get for a very long time. It's by a man named Nathan Clark George. He is an amazing Godly man who writes about the joys and struggles of serving God, being a husband and raising his children. He and his wife and children travel the states living in a motorhome while he performes. Please check out his web page and listen to the music samples. This man is greating blessed with musical giftings. I highly recommend you download all of the free MP3's!!!

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