Sunday, December 10, 2006

Second Chance

Today we watched the movie, "The Second Chance". I really loved it. It's about an assitant Pastor who is "banished" to the mega church's sister church in the ghetto. This movie was all about the difference between the churches and how God moved this pastor (and a few more people) do become do-ers, not just hear-ers. It was really well done, who knew Michael W Smith could act? He was very good. Not only did I like the movie I also really enjoyed the previews and I'm looking forward to seeing each of the previewed movies.
Okay this movie was fine for the kids, it wasn't all that exciting for them but they did like it. Be forewarned though they did use the word a** a few times. We do not swear or allow it but I found in the movie it really showed the reality of the situations and I'm not afraid of reality. I would have prefered it without the cursing, but I would still watch it again.
So next time you're renting a movie I would highly recomend this one!

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