Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Sabbath Breaker

OKay so I'm not posting anymore comments on this issue :) I realize that not everyone shares my beliefs, I was sharing a revelation, something that God revealed to me. I was not condemning anyone, I was trying to share what I was going to do in this area to try an encourage everyone. In no was did I say that it was more important than Jesus. I think that it is very important that we obey God's commands, and so I am trying to do that in my life to honour him and be "set apart", this in no way makes me love others less. If something I was doing to obey God was doing that, 1, it would not be the will of God and he would convict me to stop and, 2, my husband would put an end to it very fast.

The more I read the word the more I am seeing that being a follower of Christ is a lot more about obedience that just loving everyone. Does that mean that I prefer my convictions over the people I love? No, and if it did someone had better tell me.

Anyway, I'm really not grumpy about the whole thing. I am excited about what God is going in my life and I give him all the glory for the work he is doing in my family.

I love you all!

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