Friday, September 22, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty!

Okay so after all of the voting and everything that everyone did, we eneded up calling the cat Trap. I was calling her that all day but when Dalen got home he said it was no good. I couldn't figure out why, then Emma asked where "C"rap was. So no Trap. I will be taking your advice and she will be named the winning name which is Thimba. I really couldn't handle it at first. I felt like I was talking with a "Lithp" but now that it's actually her name I'm fine. Wow we like changing names! When Ephrim was born he was Ethan.


Jenny said...

She's so pretty!! Hope Thimba becomes a good mouser!

starla said...

so cute! i'll have to come over and cuddle him!

starla said...

did you delete your fitness blog?