Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally an entry for all the men! (or tire biters)

Okay boys here it is! This blog will be picture diary of our journey with the Black Beauty (the kids named the truck) leading up to now.

In the beginning. There was the black truck that made me gaagaa and the big booger that was lots of fun to get stuck. Also there was old siding on Ed and Jane's trailer which is much more updated now (it's for sale by the way)
Then there were the 8.8's.

And some more 8.8's

Oh look an 8.7!

It had been enough! 8.8's just weren't exciting enough, he wanted more!What could he ever do?
He could push some stuff over with a really big machine? Nope that didn't do it. How about a wack of children? Nope there was still something missing.

Build a bathroom (or two)? Nope, none of these things could fill the void, not even the love of his amazing race loving tire biter of a wife...

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