Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ephrim's Surgery Pictures

This is Ephrim the night before his surgery. I had to scrub him with this super sanitizer.This is what he looked like when I saw him right after the surgery. I was allowed to go in as soon as they knew he was going to wake up... that's a really scary feeling. Even once you know they're okay they still look a little too dead for comfort. His little Rudolf toe. That's is an oxygen sensor on his toe.

This is Ephrim once they took the oxygen mask off. That black thing coming out of his mouth is his tongue stitch. It's exactly what it sounds like. They stitch the tongue to the bottom of the mouth so their tongues don't roll back while they're operating.
Here he is in his room. Because he had a cold sore we got to stay in a semi private room. We didn't even have anyone with us the first night and day. The cold sore was fine but God provided in a way that was more important as I got sick. He slept pretty much the whole first day and night. When he was awake he had to be held or he would just scream, it was really hard as he came off the morphine and anastetic.
The first food he ate.Jello. That's all he ate on the second day. He also spent most of his time with Daddy so they are totally best buds now. That's his little straight jacket. You put tongue depressors in the sleeves so they can't bend their arms, so as to keep things out of their mouths. He was able to stop wearing them today. Anyway that's basically how it went for Ephrim. Have a good night!

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