Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well we're off tomorrow for "Family Camp" It should be pretty fun, but also looks like it will be pretty cold too. Oh well it should make for fun times around the fire huddled under tarps!

In case you've never been around a campout that involves any Wiebes then I'll fill you in. We love our tarps! When Dalen and I were first married we were in Kelowna for a friends wedding and we decided to camp (we both LOVE LOVE LOVE camping) The first thing we did, even before setting up our tent, was to set up our tarp. It covered our entire site, that's how big our site was ;) When we were leaving to go into town the man at the office was laughing at Dalen and making fun of him because "When you camp in the Okanagen you don't need a tarp!" Well as we were pulling away the sky literally opened up and poured for about and hour or two. When we returned all of our stuff was dry and everyone else around us was soaking wet.

Anyway as I was saying, Wiebes are natorious for their tarps... it doesn't matter what kind of campsite you are in or how many trees you have, where there's a Wiebe there's a way!

I've also decided that I'm going to bring out craft supplies this time. I'm going to buy some party hats from the dollar store and bring a plethera of things to cut and glue. We'll see if the kids have any more fun.

Well It's time to keep packing. I am determined to take more pictures this time so hopefully I will follow through. See you in four days!

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Jenny said...

my sister in law in the east kootenay was a wiebe before she got married.