Friday, July 07, 2006

That's My Man!!!

People often ask me what first attracted me to Dalen (since we are drastically different) and the answer has always been the same.

This is what he was driving. Now these were the old rims, but it went fast, it looked good and low, it rumbled and there was A LOT of bass involved. These things combined are the official mating call of the TIRE BITER!

Of course there were other things that attracted me to my husband.

One night he was working on Steve's car with him. I, being the official girl of the group at the time, had joined them. I was sitting on a chunk of wood, probably cedar, we were at Lawrences. Of course we were all drinking cokes, suddenly I realized that I had been oggling Dalen's rear, in horror I snapped out of it only to realize that in the process my entire Coke had poured into my lap, so I let out a yelp, drawing the attention of the owner of said rear and was utterly humiliated. That was the day I realized I was attracted to Dalen.

There were many other things that made me want Dalen, the fact that he didn't want me was a biggie! The fact that he was a Godly man with great character did help! But the biggest thing was Angela. Oh I still grit my teeth when I say it.. she was a really nice girl visiting from back east. Dalen would drive her home everynight and she would have to sit RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!!!!! Well that was it, I had to make my move, and I did. I got him, he made me work harder than anyone else ever had, and honestly it didn't last the first time. But God knew what we needed and brought me back to Him, and Dalen was there waiting with forgiveness in tow. Ultimately it was his Love that won me, for me and for the Lord, he didn't want me for what I had to "give" him, he wanted to protect me, to lead me. He wanted to take care of me.

I love that man, more than I ever did, and more everyday!

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Tamara said...

Aww I love hearing/reading things like this..and I seriously spit all over my computer screen (I guess I spit when I laugh now or something? lol) when I read

"suddenly I realized that I had been oggling Dalen's rear"