Sunday, July 02, 2006

Races, day 1 and day 2

Well they're telling us that it only got to 28 yesterday. I have a hard time beliveing it personally. Being outside the whole time. It was day 1 of the races. It went pretty well. There was a lot of red lighting and breaking out. It just got hotter and hotter and the guys were hooking up better and getter.

Ed was racing Dallas' mustang (he's trying to sell it) and he was having a blast!!! It was really exciting, it was his first time and he got a 5.8 reaction time. For those of you who don't know a reaction time is how fast a person leaves the line once the light turns green, a perfect light is a 5. Any faster than that and you jumped the gun and you lose.

The rest of the guys didn't last too long unfortunately. But we all had a lot of fun! I wasn't my usual cheer leader as I was kinda preoccupied sewing. What was I sewing you ask?
The one on the left is for me but the one on the right is for Christy! There are three of us now that have pink bags made by me, we're the new spin on the red hat group!!!

So day two of the races was also really good. Dalen went further this time he was the last one in. Poor cousin Janette ended up redlighting on the first round, and she drove here from Burns Lake sunday morning. It was frustrating for us even. Well now it's monday (this post spanned over the weekend because I couldn't get pictures to load) I'm waiting on some racing pictures from Sheldon, then I'll post those. I have a tonne of cleaning to do and a tonne of laundry to fold. I hope you had a good weekend (when are you coming home Star?)

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