Friday, June 30, 2006

My 50th post!!! (warning female content)

Can you believe it? This is my 50th post! I feel so great as a blogger today!

YEAH ME!!! (cue creepy excited picture of yours truely)

Okay I realize that this is a super creepy picture... but look at how thin I look. My skin is all clear looking and my neck actually looks long and slender. I think this is my favorite picture ever!!!

Well my day has been pretty fun. It started at Six AM!! WOO HOO ME! The baby woke up (in his crib, not suffocating in my hair, always a good start) and I decided to stay up after he went back down. It was our official kick off of the "Momma's Breakfast Break". It's a fellowship thingy that Krista and I have started for Momma's of children prenatal-preschool. I woke up and make muffins (from freshly ground flour I might add) (sorry I'm really going on about myself aren't I? Hey, you wanted brutal honesty did you not? ) then I cleaned and got ready for my day.

We had five people come, including Krista and I, but we have hope that there will be more next time, the more people hear about the amazing muffins the more they will flock to my house, I'm quite sure of it! :)

So now the kids are napping, I'm going to finish my tea while catching up on my blog reading and then I'll tidy up and read until Jaime and Danelle get here and I'll head out for some garage saleing. I saw that there was one place that was selling two 50 motorbikes and a kids quad, all of them honda's. Adon would love it, we'll have to see what's there and what the price range is.

I am still reading "Created to be his Help Meet" I'm nearly done, it's been amazing and I would totally recommend it. It is brutally honest though and if you are going through a really sensitive time you may find it condemning. I love and think if you want to hear some amazing truths that allow for NO (I really mean NO) excuses then you should check it out. It's been revolutionary. Especially the chapter that deals with LOVING you husband (I really mean LOVING) Ladies let me tell you, "WOO HOO!!!!!! HOKEY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!" Okay I realize that my husband may disown me for that comment but God has richly blessed me through this book and through my obedience.

If you don't want to change and you're looking for some book to tell you that none of the stuff in your marriage is your fault, it's all the fault of that dumb sinful man you married, then don't bother with this book.

I will also be hitting up the hospital auxilary thrift store to buy pillow cases, because I'm going to make pillowcase dresses. Should be lots of fun! I've also started making purses. It's been a lot of fun and I'll post some pictures shortly. Anyway I should be off so I have a chance to relax some before I enter into the cut throat word of "GARAGE SALES!!!"


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