Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Okay so today's confession is that I'm not really a bather. That meaning that I don't bath my kids all that often. If they're not that dirty I'll let them go for a week at time. With that I always forget Emma's medicine that she needs daily after a bath (which I haven't given her). So this week in my attempt to start some good habbits that will lead to a clean home and family, I am bathing the kids every night. I've done it for two nights now and all seems well. I am also making an effort to have all my laundry folded and put away at the end of the day. That one is still a work in progress but it is getting better.
Here are some fun pictures from bathtime last night.

Emma was having some issues with the camera.. she just couldn't have a normal face. I love it because my friend Ruth did the exact same thing in all my wedding picures! I love you Ruthie! These pictures are for you!

The last one is really the best and my personal favorite... anyway we had fun.. hope you do too in your day! God Bless!


starla said...

Okay so i know this is an old post but i'm commenting anyway....i need to get into the same habit of bathing my kids more often. its a hard one for me cause we never seem to be home at the same time in the evening....i need to become more of a homebody and then it will be easier. Good luck with your new routine!

dwiebes said...

I am finding the same problem... bed time is always a rush as is, especially in summer. I think I'm going to start bathing in the morning.

Charlene said...

I do mornings and I find it much easier as that is when I have my shower too. I can jump in on my own (once in a blue moon) and when I am done I through all the kids in, wash 'em and take them out one at a time, clothe them and on a good day it is all said and done in about 30 minutes. But, then there are the more common days when Belle and Joel climb in with me and then the whole thing takes closer to 45 minutes. I think my biggest struggle is getting up early enough to have it all done before 11:00am. I really can't stand getting out of the shower just to rush and make lunch. It really urks me. But hey, it is 1:10am... maybe this is part of the problem haha.