Saturday, June 17, 2006

Amazing Bass

Okay so I don't actually worship and adore my stereo, but there was a time in my life when Bass was very important, it had to be, every guy I knew was consumed with it. I wrote this for Jeff, Lawrence, Tom, Steve, Joe and of course Dalen, back in the good ol' days!

Amazing bass how sweet the sound
That comes from my fifteen
I once had stock but now I’ve found
Sweet bass that shakes my teeth

‘Twas bass that made my ears to ring
And bass my ears relieved
What happiness does this bass bring
A sound I always need

Through many ditches and accedents
I have allready come
‘Tis bass in these times that never stopped
And was there when I got home

The Lord has promised bass to me
The sound my greatest friend
It fills my car and shakes my doors
Play on until the end

Yes when my car has crashed and burned
Its metal shell shall cease
And I shall lose the bass I yearned
And nevermore feel peace

When I’ve been here twenty years
Car shining in the sun
I’ve many ways to amplify bass
Then when I’ve first begun
Sirena Lowe

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