Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Mom Movie

I just finished watching this little mom movie thinger (click on the title to see it too) and of course being the sap that I am it made me cry. It was pretty cute. Part of me wonders why all the moms are dressed as career ladies... just a little something I noticed. Oh well. It made me feel inspired to keep on keeping on. I don't know about the little ezine thing that follows. I didn't sign up (as if I have time to read stuff during the day) so I can't guarantee anything.

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Charlene said...

Just what I needed to see today. told Christy after watching it that I kinda forget about the perks sometimes. It feels as though nothing I do will ever improve the craziness or attitudes and that this will go one forever... but it won't and things will get better. Thanks for a little pick me up video for me. Love you!