Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I hear the Lord speaking to my heart at the funniest times. Usually when it's not quiet around me. Usually when I'm about to lose my cool, and always after I have. The term still, small voice is accurate, in a way. Because while it is still and small, it always rings out in my spirit.

Some of these times are fairly routine.... "Don't say it"   "You need to appologize"
 "That's your pride"    "You are beautiful"  

Theses are things that I often hear.  They are things that I need to hear, a lot.

Other times they are things that rock me. Shake me. Move me off of a path that I thought was right and open my eyes up to all of the wrong that I had missed.

This happened the other day.

My biggest struggle is an obvious one. I'm a glutton. And while I would wager that we all are in one form or another, I'm actually a food glutton.

 While we could talk all day about why, I won't.

Along with this pet sin of mine, comes and physical concequence. Obesity.

Along with Obesity comes the desire to be thin.

I have been, and I know I can be. But I'm not. Yet.

I was driving to town and saw two women running. They were wearing their fancy running wind breakers and special running pants, with pony tails and baseball hats. I looked at them and thought, discontentedly, "I want to be like that."

My neighbor runs, I call her a machine. She is a beautiful, perfectly toned sculpture of womanhood. I remember the first time I saw her running I was in shock. I had recently started running and knew what I looked like, a tired old brood mare who was just barely plodding along, huffing and puffing as she goes.

My neighbor doesn't look like that when she runs. She barely looks like her feet touch the ground. She is like a gazelle. Her pony tail even looks good when she runs.

These are all of the things that I thought of in the two seconds of admiring the two women running on the side of the road in their fancy gear.

And then it happened.

He spoke to me.

"I asked you for something different."


Anonymous said...

Your beautiful no matter what! If you want some inspiration watch hunger for a change. Its helped me alot with losing weight and I think it is important for everyone to watch.

starla said...

beautiful post, thanks for the reminder :)