Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adon's Logo

Our son Adon has started a business breeding rabbits. He has done it entirely with his own money and has not been allowed to borrow or take on any debt. This has been a huge learning experience for him. Yesterday we decided it was time to make him a logo.

We are just calling it A.W.Bunnies, but I like it. It isn't too cutsie and seems a little professional. I am so proud of him.

If you have any odd jobs that a boy could do and you don't have a boy to do them, please keep Adon in mind as he is always looking for ways to make more money. He also takes pop/beer bottles and cans and sorts them and returns them, so if you have some stashed for a rainy day, maybe this is the day, nevermind that it's beautifully sunny out ;)

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Lollie said...

Great job Adon!