Friday, January 08, 2010

January 8th

2 hard boiled eggs
1 T. Miracle Whip
4 crisp breads

1 cup fruit smoothie

1.5 cups chicken noodle soup
3 carrot sticks
1 cup almond milk

Fats 1.5 Fruits 2 Veggies .5 Meat Carbs 3.5 Milk 1 Free 1.5

Okay here is the weigh in.

Weight 174 (it was 177 when Dalen and I started)

Bust - 45
Hips - 38
Waist - 47

Dalen has lost 5 pounds already! Crazy guy I've got my work cut out for me. I've got 24 pounds left to go and I'll be getting myself and new wardrobe! But... he's pulling out the big guns... He has stopped drinking COKE! Can you believe it! I don't know how long he's planning on not drinking it and if he's just going to have one every now and then, but he's not bringing them to work in his lunch anymore and I haven't seen him with one for a few days. I just don't know what to expect next? We're going out for dinner tonight so it will be interesting to see what he gets? I think he'll have a coke.

I am planning to have this yummy pasta dish that they have that has no dairy. But I'm going to ask for half of it to be packed up right away. Then I guess I'll try a salad. I don't know which one though (we're going to Mr.Mikes) I can't have any dairy, and I don't like sea food.. so I guess I will wait and see what they have.

I did 1/2 an hour of aerobics yesterday and I'm going to go do it again today with some crunches and pushups.

Here's some eye candy.

Adon's Christmas present from my parents.

They shared a milkshake and fell asleep in a pile of socks watching modern marvels. I love them!

And I love them!


Gwen said...

I'm not at Mr Mike's often, but last time I had a Vancouver Island salad. (I think that's what it was called.) YUM.

Gwen said...

Okay, I looked online at the menu and it's not a V.Island salad, it's the Cascadia Salad. Seriously awesome. But there's goat cheese crumbled on it -- not sure what your dairy issues are.

So yeah, I clearly took this way too seriously. But, yum! Have fun tonight!

Princess said...

must say love your blog....

love your encouragement

and LOVE the pics of your family...
they are growing up!!!!

and i must admit... never thought i'd see the day when your hubby stopped drinking coke!