Friday, May 01, 2009

Thursday April 30th

Travis was seven weeks old yesterday! So instead of a picture of morning joy from me you get some eye candy of him ;) Some of the pictures are not the best angle but he just won't smile at the camera so you godda do what you godda do!


Talking to Grandma Wiebe, he smiles the most for her. She is commited to the cause ;)

Sleeping again. I love a sleeping baby, for so many reasons!
I sneezed and he didn't like it at all!
Oh! Doesn't that just you want to pinch kiss him!

Okay so I will be working on a post about what I'm doing in more detail over the next day or two. I thought that I would also include my to-do list for you so you know what else I do with my time, other than pinch cute babies!
So what I ate yesterday.
Nothing again. I know, I know! We had to get groceries yesterday and left as fast as we could. We were gone all day.

2 grilled chicken ranch wraps from Tim Horton's
4 slices of watermelon at 5:00
Homemade Hamburgers with oat flour and flax
The fixins' (Ketchup, mustard, homemade mayo, lettuce and tomato)
Burger first bun (I got these half price for quick sale at superstore. This bun was really good but more calories than a normal bun because while it is a lot thinner than a normal buy it's bigger and denser.
3 pieces Amish Friendship bread from Carla, my neighbor who loves us with baking :)
An orangeg
Granny Smith apple with peanutbutter.
Okay so the day was great other than the not eating enough and the 3 slices of friendship bread. 1 slice would have been better but apparently my body was very hungry still and my self control was dwindling.
So my list for today.
Pack away all winter shoes/boots
Make cookie dough for auction
Make Patty's hammock
Mail Patty's hammock
Drop off cookie dough
Everything else that my day entails... including comforting a fussy baby and feeding him.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that I made your to do list with making my goober a hammock!! hehe! I am very excited to see it.
HUG! Patty