Saturday, May 30, 2009

Warning, an animal is killed in this post.

I did it! Dalen didn't video me because he didn't want to add anymore pressure. If you listen closely you can here him giggling at the end when the deed is done... I'm now calling him the unwilling farmer :) If you're wondering why Shane is pulling so hard to get the chicken off the block it's because I didn't sever the esophogus, but I got the part that counts and the chicken didn't suffer even though it may look like it did!

Okay I like animals, if you've known me for long this may be completely shocking to you. Why am I excited about killing a chicken? Well for one it was eating our eggs and you just have to get rid of them. Above all else these animals (which I really do adore) are for eggs for my family (whom I adore more). I want safe nourishing food for my family. So I have chosen to keep egg layers and learn how to butcher for the 70 meat birds I have coming. As we speak there are five turkeys in our back room who will one day feed us and hopefully others.

We simply cannot afford to buy chicken or turkey for our growing family, for some people the solution is to stop growing the family, for me it's to start growing our food. You gotta do what you gotta do.

If you're wondering why I'm so happy in these pictures, it's not because sometime died, but I am thrilled that I know I can kill something for food! If you still think it's aweful. Then we can just agree to disagree :) For those of you who are interested here are more pictures.

After the chicken was plucked in Shane's great whizbang chicken plucker... Dalen sure was interested in it I'm hoping that means I'll be getting one in the next few years.. if you're wondering what a whizbang chicken plucker is you can go here to see it in action.

Trying to get the guts out... it's really not easy at all. They are really attatched in there ;)

Shane giving me a hand.

See the egg on the left there.. and beside is are some yolks. This was a layer so she had her little egg factory inside. It was really cool to see all the yolks that were being made to be our breakfast... too bad she was eating them before we could :(

This is a look inside of the chicken. All of those yellow dots are yolks. There were SO many of them!

I'll be cooking this hen in the crock pot tonight. I'm very thankful for God's provision :)

Next up... hatching out some layers and in about two months we'll be butchering 70 meat chickens!


Jadekitty said...

Every time I cut raw meat and cook it, I become a little more vegetarian :)
Good job butchering your chickens!

Anonymous said...

Well done!


Sharon said...

Awesome job!! I have no problem with people killing animals as long as it's done properly. Which you did. Those "yolk" pictures are really intresting. I never thought of a chicken as having the yolks inside them like that. Neat. :)

ps ENJOY the scrupious meals in the days ahead!! You've earned them!! :)

Ruth said...

Wowzers! You never cease to amaze me!! I think maybe your videos should come with a nausea disclaimer though! What was I thinking!? Now I have to go to bed & dream of headless chickens & and whizbang pluckers! OY!

Well done though! :)