Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wowzers, it's been a long time.

This post is being put together little pieces at a time. I have a lot of things to talk about but right now there is one thing predominantly on my heart.


Luogon is my African son. You didn't know I had an african son? Well I do. Technically he's not mine, but in my heart he is. And as far as my children are concerned he's ours. He's too old to be adopted (and that just something that our family can't do right now) and we will probably never ever meet him. But we love him. Honestly I'm too scared to call him because I think, "what if I can't understand him?" Liberian english is very different from Canadian english.

So I lost contact with Luogon for about a year. We prayed all the time for him and that we would have a way to get a hold of him (Liberia doesn't have a mail system so any letters have to be brought there in person) Two days ago I received a letter from him sent by Karen Barkman. She runs an organization called Provision of Hope out of Kelowna!

Luogon has been living with a pastor in Liberia and has been out of school for two years. Finishing school is a huge thing in liberia. I know it is here too but there it's their only hope. I dont' think it makes that much of a difference as to wether they can get a job or not but it's a big deal for them. It will cost us about 400.00 to put him in school for a year. And get this. He is currently living with a group of 20 boys in their late teens all in the same situation as him, their orphanage closed. For about 7000.00 us we could shelter and feed 12 of them for a year. That's pocket change for our God. The thing about these boys is that they really don't know how to do for themselves. They don't always have great attitudes either. They have been given everything they have and haven't had to work for it. That doesn't make for an entirely productive character. Does that make them less deserving of our love and offering? No. They need us. Luogon needs me. He considers me his mom. Do you know how heart breaking that is to me? I think some of you obviously do.

When Karen met the boys in Liberia Luogon offered to run a bible study with the boys and they instituted a prayer and singing group. I am trying to contact Luogon by e-mail but it costs about a dollar for them to check e-mail and they really just don't have that money. Anyway if I can get into contact with him I want to hold him accountable to these things. I want to see an willing heart from him to do something. Apparently he has some sort of apprenticeship right now. That is really encouraging to me.

So here is the deal. ALL of my sewing money is going to be going to putting Luogon through school. Believe it or not my little business doesn't really rake the cash in. So I am believing for a miracle. And sometimes you have to do for yourself when it comes to God too. He also wants to see a willing heart :) So here's the word for all of you (all five of you).

I'm going to get sewing. I am going to believe that if this is God's will there will be people to buy what I have to sell. This is going to be a painfully slow process as I have a four week old and can't even keep up on marking school and house work so please pray that God will multiply my time, keep me focused and give me help if I need it. My goal today is to get as much of my house in order as I can. Tonight Dalen is going to help me clean my floors. I am so thankful for this as they are not the color they were a month ago.

If you want to help me, then I'll take it. Any of it. Money, time, prayers... if you want to give it I'm there. And if we get more that 400.00 I'm sure one of those 20 boys wouldn't mind going to school.


12 wraps
40 pairs of beanie legs
20 Kimono tops
40 pairs of pants hemmed

20 boy x 400 is 8000

229 wraps
800 pairs of beanie legs
400 Kimono tops
800 pairs of pants hemmed

Two homes with rent, food and medical care is 14,000

400 wraps
1400 pairs of beanie legs
700 Kimono tops
1400 pairs of pants hemmed

22,000 for a year to care for 20 Liberian boys and put them through school.


629 wraps

2200 pairs of beanie legs

1100 Kimono tops

2200 pairs of pants hemmed

Things could get real busy ;)


Ruth said...

Ok....I'm praying and spreading the word!

Gwen said...

Well, a paid-for adoption in my life says that God can do anything. He cares for orphans, and He also owns the cattle on 1000 hills. It's a winning combination. Have faith! :)

Jadekitty said...

The numbers at the bottom make it seem paltry when you think when you lay them out like this, God Bless.