Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday April 24th

Good morning. What a difference 1 hour of sleep makes. Yesterdays picture was so much nicer and I only slept an hour later. I've been getting to bed very late as there is just so much to do around here and I just want my kitchen clean before I go to sleep. Nevermind all the laundry and floors. And that's only one half of my house. I've been completely ignoring the other side. I may have to give up facebook, even though I only spend about 20 minutes a day on it. I am looking forward to the day that I can work without interruptions. It may take 20 years or so.

This is Joe sporting a pinafore that I made for Jenny. 99% of the time I love that I have four boys and one girl (who is 6 by the way) But when I put this on Joe to model it for some pictures for Jenny I started pining for a baby girl.

Anyway on with the info and then on to my work.

Breakfast (this meal was pretty much skipped yesterday due to busyness which I know is aweful but hey, that's just life people!)

1 sticky bun

2 cups apple juice. These were scarfed down between nursing and blogging and cleaning.


1 cup veggie chowder

1 w.w. tortilla

1 t. Ketchup

1.5 cups scrambled eggs

Snack (we were at Megan's birthday party and that Laura sure does put out a good spread, mercifully she also picks really good yummy fruit)

Lots of grapes, strawberries and watermelon. Mmmm.

1 small brownie

1 small handful of chips

1 small handful of cheesies.

I just want to say that I'm really proud of how well I did at the party. They were my favorite kind of chips and the brownies were so good.

Shoot I just remembered that I ate anothe sticky bun before we went to the party. Ah well whatever. At least they're healthy-ish sticky buns.


1 large helping of spaghetti with meat sauce.


2 pieces w.w. raisin toast with p.b. and chocolate/almond butter (recipe to come hopefully)

1 almond milk/blueberry/banana smoothie

Okay so it was a really high carb day. the more tired I am the more I want the carbs and sugars and since Travis was really fussy and I just had so many things to do it seems that I gave into the carbs more rather than preparing something better. I'm so thankful for the nice fruity break of the party (and especially the visiting!)

I am still taking my iron every day. I use spirulina, which is an algae and doesn't make you feel sick or constipated. I love this stuff. It doesn't taste so great though.

Anyone else out there who has a great Iron source? Please share!


Gwen said...

I had a carb day too, but I'm just going to enjoy it and not repeat it until next Saturday. :) Weekends are tough!

I take the Shaklee iron supplements, personally. It's pricey, but with vitamins you definitely get what you pay for. (As you know!) :D

Jenny said...

I just take an iron supplement. I also take a women's multivitamin and a b50 complex.

Anonymous said...

Your photo makes me want to sing "Wild Thing" I love it!