Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well hello there! I'm home! There really honestly isn't a lot to tell about Travis' birth. From start to finish it was 8 hours and the actual delivery was only 7 minutes. It was very intense and crazy but so good! It just one of those things when you feel like you're going to die and then it's done and you're like "what's the big deal?"

They broke my water around nine in the morning and I walked for an hour, nothing happened so they put me on Oxytocin. I was scared about being on the drip since it increases the risk for rupture but the doctors really felt confident that all would go fine and I had about the best nurse (Roz) a person could ask for. From 10:30 until about 6 we just slowly increased the level of Oxytocin. My Doctor came to check me at 5ish and I was six. He seemed a bit discouraged at my progress. Things were really getting intense and I was getting kinda "pushy" then I started having back labor. Travis was transverse which means his head was sideways and was trying to rotate into position. I've never had back labor before and I cannot imagine how women go through their entire labors that way. I'm very thankful it was short for me.

Roz checked me again and I was 8. I remember hearing her call the doctor "Hi, She's 8" click.

I don't remember a whole lot after that. I remember thinking that Jaclyn wasn't there yet. BOOHOO! then another contraction, then I heard the doctor come in. Then I was pushing. And it wasn't like the last time. Last time I pushed a bit first to get the baby down, then I took a few more pushes to get him out. This time his head was half way out after one push. He did a wierd shoulder thing that freaked the doctor out but after the next push he was out and I WAS DONE! Praise the Lord. All was well. I was good, baby was good. And when I say all was well you mommas out there know what I mean ;)

The best part is that he does not have a cleft palate! My God is amazing. I am so thankful. There is more that I want to share but it will have to wait. I need to go feed my babe.


Ruth said...

He really is amazing!!! And what a little cutie!

Princess said...

Praise God!
what an amazing birth story!
He is so very beautiful!
congrats again

Jenny said...

look at that beautiful baby and all his chubbiness!! Wanna kiss those cheeks!
Glad it was a safe delivery!
Let me know if you need anything...a meal, toilets scrubbed....(maybe a meal and toilets scrubbed...)

Mrs. Wilson said...

He looks great!!! I'm SO happy for you guys!! I'm also glad, for your sake, that you're out of the hospital so fast - I got out of there as quickly as possible after Liliana too.


Gwen said...

Sarena, congratulations! He's beautiful! I had back labour for #2, and I still haven't forgotten. God bless you and your newly enlarged family!

Laney said...

Congratulations! He is adorable!

Christy said...

Congratulations Beener!! He is so cute...can't wait to see him in person!!!

Anita said...

Congratulations Sarena! He really is adorable! Worth the wait for sure :)

Hot Belly Mama said...

Congrats! Thank you for sharing, I just found your blog. Look forward to reading more!