Saturday, March 07, 2009

nothing yet.

But I'm really ready for it to happen. I am also ready to put Joe to bed, have a bath and sleep for three days. Apparently my body is going into "conserve energy" mode. Dalen made dinner tonight. I layed on a make shift bed on the floor and played with Joe. I wish I could eat things that have tomato in them. No spaghetti, chili or sweet and sour, these are things we usually eat about once a week. I enjoyed some left over yorkshire pudding with jam and two everything cookies. Maybe I'll make myself some real food later. Maybe I'll just go to bed.

Anyway just wanted to let you all know they deal. Pray for things to get going, I am still quite happy and not feeling "overdue". I'm just ready now. Even Dalen is complaining. He never complains, he always deals with my complaints. It would be great if I could have the baby tomorrow as Dalen wouldn't have to miss any work. Idealy. When is having babies ideal? Yeah I thought so.


Jadekitty said...

You are in my prayers

Jenny said...

praying for you....:)