Monday, March 23, 2009

Eye Candy

So this is the basket that my mom delivered on saturday. Here's the list of what's inside
5 egg salad sandwiches
5 tuna salad sancwiches
1 ham with sweet/sour ham sauce
1 roast with potatoes and gravy
2 (containers)mashed potatoes
2 rice pilaf
2 sweet and sour meat balls
3 jello
1 baked custard
2 cauliflower in cheese sauce

Yeah, wowsers. My mom is an amazing cook and this was such a HUGE blessing to me as my church meals are done now and it's so nice to not have to cook yet.

Sleeping on my lap

Sleeping in the wrap, first trip out to the chicken coop.

Hmmmm. I can see that!
Happily sleeping on his tum.
We got the bassinet from Jaclyn... THANK YOU! I have to admit it was the best gift anyone could have given us.
Joe got his own baby. He was starting to want mine too much. Emma spend about an hour teaching him how to take care of his baby. Even how to feed it.
He really likes his baby!
And Emma's. I didn't get any good pictures of him bashing the baby's head on the floor or biting it's foot.


Jen said...

Travis looks SO MUCH like Joe! Wow!

It may say "back to sleep", but in our generation, we all slept on our tummies and we survived, so I think he'll be fine!!

Becky said...

ACK! Where have I been? I never even said CONGRATS yet!