Saturday, February 14, 2009

Smart Girls ;)

Jaclyn posted the winning answer first. But since there were only two people to guess I think I'll be making two batches of cookies.. Just because you're such faithful readers ;) The button is on my new sweater that my friend Kathy brought me today. She had one and I loved it, she she brought me one. I was just spoiled today. I don't have anyone to take a picture of me in the sweater so this will just have to do.
I keep telling myself that it's really okay to take pictures of yourself and post them on your own blog. No one else takes pictures of me and one day I'm going to die and my kids will not have any pictures of me... no longer people. They will also have this fabulous picture of my bellyWhich I've already posted but I love it so much I wanted to post it again. Just because I want to keep looking at it ;)


Christy said...

Yipee! I can hardly wait!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Your belly looks great!!

joni said...

i hope you make cookies for the lovely lady who gave you the button as well.

and i agree .. one day i will die .. and the kids will only have pictures with me that i took of myself.