Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our official bread maker.

Emma is taking over the white bread department. I love this girl and I am so proud of all the things she is learning to do. She'll be six next month :)

It's a very heavy bowl of dough. Dear brother offers to lend a hand, or two.

We always have to clean up when we're done a job. It's the worst part, but it must be done.

YUMMY! I think next time we'll be making a pan of buns and six loaves, these ones are a little large.


Princess said...

she is such a sweet girl!!!
I am so very proud of her she just amazes me!!

Laura said...

Way to go, Emma! Your bread looks very yummy.

joni said...

awesome Emma.. you invite me over for some eh..(smile)
i will bring the strawberries and butter!!